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The Antidote to everything


on 16/04/2018 12:08:08 p.m.

updated 16/04/2018 12:08:08 p.m.


Could there be such a thing? What are the biggest issues and what are the solutions?

Imagine a world where everything from climate change to cancer, hunger to obesity, cruelty had an Antidote and all of society's efforts were clearly focused on achieving these antidotes. On this page our goal is link to some of those solutions and show that there is hope for us yet.

The Wisdom and Intelligence of Crowds


on 29/05/2018 9:20:16 a.m.

updated 29/05/2018 9:20:16 a.m.


There is real potential in a diverse crowd to give really accurate solutions, but how do we focus the crowds attention?

Our wisdom of the crowds project can be simply defined as being, "The potential of Crowd intelligence is vastly underutilized in our democratic system". One could argue to be truly democratic we should be harnessing the crowd intelligence or at least consulting this crowd for all major and important decisions. Using a system like the one built here demonstrates we don't need to spend tens of millions on referendums to get a democratic answer to the common problems we face. Further reading:
Independent Individuals and Wise Crowds talk by James Surowieki

Food supply and distribution


on 29/05/2018 8:51:18 p.m.

updated 29/05/2018 8:51:18 p.m.


Our current model is based on the demand and supply model. We think it should be based on wellbeing.

The Antidote food platform focuses on creating nutrionally balanced meals that are nutrient dense. Using the 100 Healthiest foods model from the George Mateljan Foundation and the ANDI (Agregated Nutirent Density Index) scale, nutrition is calculated on a per meal basis and recored for each consumer. Over time eating paterns result in nutrient profiles, this information can be used to ascertain wether certain nutirent defeciencies are occuring. Detailed information is provided on each nutrient so particpants can be informed of not only the potential benefits but the also the potential side effects of nutrient deficiency.

Antidote Direct Democracy Governance System.


on 15/06/2018 11:18:32 p.m.

updated 15/06/2018 11:18:32 p.m.


The Antidote Direct Democracy Governance System is an IT platform that is specifically designed for Governance of a small nation the size of NZ with scope to be able to run any nation state in the world.

Based around the needs of the Individual and spreading out to include family, friends and the wider community the system is designed from the ground up to serve the people. A Person is registered once only ever in the system, they have a key that they choose much like banking to access their relationship with the governance system. Based around food as nutrition for the body and education as food for the mind principles, the governance system would effectively be built by the people for the people using the voting platform.