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Hi I'm Daniel

I hope that you enjoy your experience of Antidote. The website has been intended as a tool to enlighten your mind. In the modern information age, we are subjected to a much larger volume of information than we might have expected our parents or grandparents to contend with. In dealing with this we ,and our children, and their children will need to be well informed in how to stay in optimal mental and physical health. To that point Antidote has been designed. As an example if you view the recipes page you will notice that each recipe has nutritional content table, there is also detailed information about each nutrient and the benefit of having that in your diet.

The website is built so that these links and information in general can be changed or upgraded to which-ever health system it's owner prefers. So for example for an Indian restaurant the foods could be changed and to suit an Indian Culture and the properties of the food could be based around the Ayurvedic system.
If Antidote sounds like something you would like to be part of you can join-up here.