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Hi I'm Anonymous


if it is possible I would like to have some information. I am a girl who was at the vegetarian expo and I bought several pieces of your raw cakes. They were awesome. Then Mrs Anne showed us how to prepare them and they gave us the recipe of rawsome beetroot ginger cake. I have tried this cake several times but maybe there is something wrong? Becuase buckwheat is listed in the ingredients but not in the recipe, instead apples are in the recipe but not in the ingredients.

I have also used chia seeds instead of pysillum husk and the quantity is apparently way too much like three times more. Then I used blueberries instead of beetroot but maybe 150gr is too less, I add much more the second time but still it was too much chia seeds. Could you please help me? I am in real love with your cake so it would be great if you can help me with the recipe.

Thanks a lot